Monday, May 18, 2009

Room for two more...

There are only two places left in the Sock Workshop
this Sunday, 24th May!

If you're keen to join us for this fun workshop, why not jump onto the online shop to book your place right now? It's easy to book online, and don't forget that Bowral is only an hour and a half from the centre of Sydney.

The Sock Workshop is a great chance to learn about knitting in the round on double-point needles, which is really useful skill for making garments that require little or no sewing up. Socks are a great example of this: as soon as you knit the last stitch, they're ready to wear. And slipping a freshly-knitted sock hot off the needle straight onto your foot is a great incentive to start work on its partner!

We've also scheduled a Tension Squares Workshop for Sunday, 31st May 2009. Come along and spend a few hours unravelling the mysteries of the tension square with us. We'll explore what changes when you use different needles, different yarn, and even different fibres. You'll leave this workshop armed with inspiration to go forth and experiment!

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