Monday, May 25, 2009

Let them eat cake!

All Wool Addiction Workshops include
delicious selection of pastries
for morning tea

Apparently I haven't made this clear up until now, and, for obvious reasons, that needs to be rectified!

Now, our next two Workshops could be considered to be at the less-than-funky end of the knitting scale, and perhaps pastries are what's needed to entice you to attend. Buuut, when you think about it, Tension Squares and Finishing Techniques really are the keys to starting and ending your project right, and surely the perfect finished product is all the incentive you need?

Knitting is fun, of course it is, but what a huge investment of time and money we all make! And sometimes things don't turn out quite as we'd hoped, do they?

If your problem is a baby dress that she'll grow into by kindy, or a fantastic stash that you just can't find the right pattern for... then the Tension Squares Workshop is for you!

If (like me) you're always looking for patterns to knit in the round, so that you don't have to sew anything up... then we'll see you at the Finishing Techniques Workshop.

And, if you really, really like pastries... we'll see you at both!

Or, if you're stuck on something in between the Tension Square and the Finishing, then perhaps a Private Lesson is what you need? Maybe you're confused by cables, or tense about intarsia? Well, for the next few weeks, Jill is available between 11am and 12pm on Wednesdays to offer hands-on help with your current knitting challenge. Just pop along to our online shop to book your slot, and jot a few lines in the Comments section to let us know what you need help with...

Workshops run from 10am til 1pm, and cost $65
Sunday 31 May - Tension Squares Workshop
Sunday 7 June - Finishing Techniques Workshop
Private Lessons run from 11am til 12pm, and cost $50
Wednesday 27 May
Wednesday 3 June
Wednesday 10 June
Workshops and Private Lessons are all held in the Knitting Room at Wool Addiction in Bowral, NSW, and can all be booked online at

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