Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Newsletter - November 2010

Hello to all our fellow Wool Addicts! 
Are you thinking what we’re thinking?

Knit Christmas Stockings by Sandy ScovilleYes, it’s already that time of year again, and the magic of Christmas is in the air.  If you need some help with gift ideas, pop in and take a relaxing look at our great range of pattern books.

Tasmanian Oak Knitting Needles by Art VivaThese festive coloured needles from Art Viva in Tasmania would make a gorgeous gift for any knitting fanatic.

If you don't know which size to choose, a Wool Addiction gift voucher would let your favourite knitter make their own decision!

Did you know …  
"The oldest artefact with a knitted appearance is a type of sock. It is believed that socks and stockings were the first pieces produced using techniques similar to knitting. Most histories of knitting place its origin somewhere in the Middle East, from where it spread to Europe by Mediterranean trade routes, and then to the Americas with European colonization. The earliest known examples of knitting have been found in Egypt and cover a range of items, including complex colourful wool fragments and indigo blue and white cotton stockings, which have been dated between the 11th and 14th centuries."
Yummy sock yarn by Fibra Natura
With that in mind how about celebrating the birth of knitting by make yourself or a loved one a pair of delicious socks?

Yummy by Fibranatura is a pot dyed 100% Superwash Merino Wool, it comes in huge 130gram skeins and there are lots of different colourways to choose from. Ideal for knitting socks.

Workshop News

Knit and felted slippers made in a Wool Addiction workshopHere is a gorgeous pair of slippers knitted and felted by Gabrielle from our Wednesday workshop.

If you have a project you'd like us to help you with, why not come and join us each week from 10am til 12noon?  The cost is just $100 for a 4-week block, which includes a delicious morning tea, and all the conversation you can eat ;-)  But please call first to check availability, as places are limited by the size of our couch!

Our first two Fair Isle workshops have been a great success.  The technique requires a lot of concentration and counting, but our ladies were very enthusiastic and a fun day was had by all.
Rowan fair isle inspirationWool Addiction Fair Isle Workshop in full swing

New Products

Look at these beauties!  We have two lovely new products in store by Namaste, Laguna bags and Oh Snap! mesh purses.

Namaste Laguna knitting bag in LimeNamaste Laguna knitting bag in Red

Namaste Oh Snap! pouches in PinkNamaste Oh Snap! pouches in Grey

Draw-string bags by Creative CoutureThese gorgeous draw-string bags from Creative Couture are just the thing to keep your yarn under control as you knit.  They feature a carabiner clip, so you can hook them onto your belt, and knit on the go!  How about whipping up supporters scarves and beanies whilst you're standing on the sidelines?  Multi-tasking at its most stylish :-)

Look out for more Christmas gifts and knits in our December newsletter. Until then… hope to see you soon at Wool Addiction or visit our website at www.wooladdiction.com.au

Happy knitting,
Jill & Emma