Saturday, October 24, 2009

Knit One Save One

A better reason than ever to knit tension squares!

Save the Children have just launched their Knit One Save One campaign as part of their Survive to Five program. Their target is to collect 80,000 knitted squares to make 5,000 blankets for children in Australia, Cambodia and India.
every year 8.8 million children around the world die before their fifth birthday
Here at Wool Addiction we've realised that our enthusiasm for the humble tension square (or gauge swatch for our foreign friends!) can be combined with our equal enthusiasm for helping others through knitting...

...why not knit all our tension squares to 20cm x 20cm so that we can donate them all to Save the Children!

Now we're pretty pleased with ourselves for coming up with this brilliant idea, so we've scheduled another of our popular Tension Squares Workshops for next Saturday, 31 October. We'll collect up any 20cm tension squares that you don't want to take home at the end of the workshop, and pass them on to Save the Children for you.

One of the nice things about the Knit One Save One campaign is that you can use whatever colour, design and ply you like, as long as the square ends up 20cm x 20cm. That makes it a great way to experiment with new stitches, stripes, fairisle or aran designs! Or how about knitting on the diagonal, or in the round?

We're thinking of running another Cable Knitting Workshop, where we could also collect up 20cm squares, so let us know if you're interested.

One thing that the Save the Children campaign does ask is that you use wool rather than acrylic, because of its fire-retardant properties. This sounds like the perfect job for Loyal - a machine-washable, 8-ply, 100% wool yarn which is available in lots of bright colours and only costs $5 per ball.

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